Adding Value and Generating Business.

Social Media is the digital extension of natural, everyday conversation. It invites people in, rather than than pushing a message onto them.

With Creo, I become voice of your business – creating content and engaging with your customers and fans so that they can buy your products or use your services.

As a small business owner, I fully get the constraints of budget and time that come with the turf. So I have geared my offering to add value to business without breaking the bank.

I’m super passionate about seeing business (and the people behind them) thrive, and Creo is here to help with that.


Creo Work - Manuka Emporium Social Media Ad

Digital Marketing.

I take your business marketing strategy and make it happen:

  • Social media profile setup/updates
  • Content calendar planning
  • Content creation
  • Social media posts – organic
  • Social media ads
  • Social media management
  • Reporting

I become the virtual marketing person for your business; or if you have someone on board I work with them to get the job done.

See pricing schedule below.

Get Your Social Media Working!

Let’s talk about firing up your digital marketing.

Strategic Partnerships

I’ve been around long enough to know that there are some things best left for others…

So when it comes to marketing strategy, SEO/SEM, web development, and data analysis, I bring in specialists.

We don’t hide it, and we don’t ‘white-label’ it. That way, you know who you are working with and what it’s going to cost you. 

Need Digital Marketing?

Let me help your business with its social media marketing.

Creo Work - Chapter2 Bikes

Social Media for Cycling Business

Want to increase your cycling business exposure across social media?

Creo Marketing is a specialist social media digital marketing consultant based in Auckland.

Services include Social Media planning, content creation, content delivery, analysis and reporting.

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